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Scenttrail SEO #1s

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Scenttrail Google #1s

Scenttrail Marketing, my personal blog, has earned a group of Google #1 listings. Analyzing views illustrates a few online and organic SEO marketing truths including:

  • Achieve #1 listings even on long tail terms with small search volumes.
  • Realize traffic may not follow #1s.
  • Epic Personal Branding has the most views, but it is currently #3 on Google
  • QDF (Quality Deserves Freshness) means find ways keep adding fresh content.
  • There are no true #1s anymore, so use a tool to peer through the Google float.

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Many new to web marketing square off and fight competitors to win keywords. The chart above illustrates an important point – keywords aren’t equal. Use Google’s keyword tool to check search volume for keywords. You aren’t trying to “win keywords”. Keywords are a chance to align your online marketing communications with customer.

Marketing communications are funny. You need to have VISION and a sense of purpose or you can’t form online community. Your customers want to JOIN your “movement”. Your vision can’t be so monolithic it excludes chances for customers to collaborate, share and contribute to your content, website and understanding of what your business REALLY is.

Read my Why I’m Not A SEO Triptych for more on how to avoid fighting stupid fights that don’t matter.

Here are Scenttrail Marketing’s Top 5 Posts:

  1. Epic Personal Branding (most views, #3 on Google)
  2. Multi-channel Marketing Mistakes (#2 in ST views, #1 on Google)
  3. Platforms vs. Websites (#3 in ST views #1 on Google)
  4. Content Shock vs. Curation (#4 in ST views #1 on Google)
  5. How To Buy Web Design (#5 in ST views, #16 on Google)

Coming up fast is Why I’m Not A SEO with half as many views as #5 listing after a week. Couple of takeaways from these numbers for Scenttrail Marketing include:


  • Evaluate Google Trends to see what content is ascending vs. descending.

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  • Personal Branding is the clear winner.
  • Good idea to write more “personal branding” content.
  • Good idea to ask friends to guest post about personal branding.
  • May want to create a personal branding poll.
  • Write “evergreen” Personal Branding content such as Top 5 Personal Branding Tips, 6 Personal Branding Secrets, etc.
  • Ask for help – ask people to share their favorite personal branding stories & gallery the content.
  • Create a personal branding contest.

The important idea is to add more voices and build community around terms you’ve achieved top rank on. Building community supports your post and position while spreading your net further into the “long tail” of the terms you’re winning or can win by taking any two of the ideas above.

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