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Why Amazon Prime is MONEY

Winning Hearts, Minds & Loyalty Amazon prime is more than you think. Amazon is using Prime as a dock, a steadfast wooden dock that extends far out to sea. The dock is wood because nothing lasts forever an especially clear truth when it comes to online ecommerce retailing and marketing. The vast blue ocean now

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Ecommerce: 30 Must Master Tactics – Scenttrail

Ecommerce: 30 Must Master Tatics Thanks to the social / mobile web ecommerce is changing fast. The old ways are gone tactically if not gone in reality. If your strategy is to grab copy from manufacturers, disregard social media, don’t regularly communicate with your customer segments (via social or email) and your site isn’t responsive

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Brands Under ATTACK: 5 Ninjas

Brand Attack My friend Mark Traphagen, who many know from his G+ leadership, wrote a much better introduction to the 5 Ninja Attacking Brands on his G+: Even though we seem to live in an age of endless messaging opportunities, branding is actually harder than ever. In this must-read post by proven brand-marketing genius +Martin

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Epic Personal Branding: 6 Tips

Are You EPIC? 6 Epic Personal Branding Tips YOU are a brand. Congratulations. Move two steps forward. You are now standing ahead of some, but your row is  crowded. Others realize SELF = BRAND too. This post shares 6 “could tell you, but would have to kill you” EPIC Personal Branding Secrets. At least one

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Scoopit, Google+ and the Conversation Revolution

Own The Conversation, Own The Traffic BANG! Something is changing even as I write this. Today Scoop.it lite the M80 hidden in the teacher’s lounge. The “big bomb” is Scoop.it became the first “commons” to use Google Authorship. True to Scoop.it’s “HUB” mission they also made it easy to curate content to brand pages. Why