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Epic? We Want You: Scenttrail Goes Multi-Author

EPIC? We Want You Imagine if you were one of the first contributors to Mashable, TechCrunch or the Huffington post. Life for those first contributors is good now. Life for those trying to elbow their way in is not nearly as good. Stop elbowing because we have a cool idea. APPLY to be one of

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Website Migration Trauma: 5 Tips To Reduce

Web Migration Trauma Imagine you are a seasoned heart / lung transplant surgeon. Doing ONE MORE transplant, despite the life-saving miracle it creates for the patient, is “routine” for you. Now imagine you need to do something similar in TRAUMATIC scale to your website – migrate to a new server or platform. You will migrate

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Medium Rocks: Mobile Micro-Blogging Tool

Medium Cool Why do we need another blogging tool? Reasonable question. If Medium was simply and only another micro-blogging and content curation tool then the answer would be in the negative. We don’t need another blogging tool no matter how cool, efficient and mobile-ready the new tool’s User Interface. That’s why Medium isn’t a micro-blogging

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Why I’m Not A SEO Triptych

Not A SEO Triptych Once we started writing why we aren’t “SEOs” it got good to us and we ended up with a three part journey: Part I: Why Not A SEO – Blue Oceans on Scenttrail Marketing Part II: Wny Not A SEO – Selling Used Cars on Linkedin. Part III: Wny Not A

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Epic Personal Branding: 6 Tips

Are You EPIC? 6 Epic Personal Branding Tips YOU are a brand. Congratulations. Move two steps forward. You are now standing ahead of some, but your row is  crowded. Others realize SELF = BRAND too. This post shares 6 “could tell you, but would have to kill you” EPIC Personal Branding Secrets. At least one

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Tease Marketing

Different Times What is it about the web? We want to overwhelm with detail. There’s a problem. Everyone’s life is overwhelmed with detail. When marketing assumes too little we create a double negative. We market too much to customers already overwhelmed with detail. We prefer to tease instead. And we’ve rarely seen such a brilliant