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Brands Under ATTACK: 5 Ninjas

Brand Attack My friend Mark Traphagen, who many know from his G+ leadership, wrote a much better introduction to the 5 Ninja Attacking Brands on his G+: Even though we seem to live in an age of endless messaging opportunities, branding is actually harder than ever. In this must-read post by proven brand-marketing genius +Martin

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Riffing Andrew Chen’s How To Design Successful Social Products

Andrew Chen = Brilliant Social Marketer Wow, you could learn what there is worth knowing about content and social media marketing by reading Andrew Chen’s (@andrewchen)amazing posts (TY Dave Neal at TSF for sharing this post). This post about designing social products is so amazing I will discuss it paragraph by paragraph and over several

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Epic Personal Branding: 6 Tips

Are You EPIC? 6 Epic Personal Branding Tips YOU are a brand. Congratulations. Move two steps forward. You are now standing ahead of some, but your row is  crowded. Others realize SELF = BRAND too. This post shares 6 “could tell you, but would have to kill you” EPIC Personal Branding Secrets. At least one

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Scoopit, Google+ and the Conversation Revolution

Own The Conversation, Own The Traffic BANG! Something is changing even as I write this. Today lite the M80 hidden in the teacher’s lounge. The “big bomb” is became the first “commons” to use Google Authorship. True to’s “HUB” mission they also made it easy to curate content to brand pages. Why

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The New Scenttrail Marketing and Selling SMM To the C Level

Strength of Weak Signals What is a “weak signal”. In the McKinsey Quarterly post The Strength of Weak Signals by Martin Harrysson and Estelle Métayer explains a weak signal is a social media mention or conversation happening outside of a company’s or brand’s normal listening perimeter. Most established brands have “listening” teams either in house

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How To Buy Web Design

Psychology of the Buy The Buddhist monk Pema Chodron taught me a valuable lesson not long after hearing “cancer” and my name in the same sentence. How you THINK and TREAT yourself is how you ARE in the world. Notice some people only receive PAIN and MISERY from the world while others receive an abundance

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Creativity More Valuable Than Passion

Creativity vs. Passion Thanks to Hannah du Plessis for sharing a great post on about the creation of Gatorade, entrepreneurial passion and creativity. Here is how the daughter of Gatorade’s inventor describes her mission: Phoebe Cade Miles, daughter of Gatorade inventor Dr. James Robert Cade, is one such believer in the power of creativity.

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Content Shock vs. Curation

Death By Content Shock or Life By Curation? In an excellent post CEO Guillaume Decugis asks an important question. Will content marketers kill the content marketing golden egg laying goose? Guillaume’s post is in response to Mark Schaefer’s forecast of a coming “Content Shock” in his Business Grow blog : The Attention & Klout

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Why We Are All Content Curators Now

Story of Startup Trends 2014 On Curatti We know after Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm changes the most valuable content is content that gets shared. Likes are great but pale in algorithm value to links and shares. Your content needs to generate Tweets and ReTweets, G+ shares, Facebook likes and other writers and experts

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Content Curation and SEO Response

Jayson DeMers (@jaysondemers), CEO of AudienceBloom, wrote Your Guide To Content Curation for SEO For Search Engine Journal. His post is original. Some of the post’s points are consistent with my content curation and SEO experience. There is a some misdirection too. Before drilling into where Your Guide To Content Curation for SEO is different

Escape From Google at Digital Marketing For Business

What: Digital Marketing For Business conference Where: Raleigh Convention Center When: Thursday May 8 Expert Track: Escape From Google – Why you MUST Diversify your Internet marketing.  Preview on Curatti: Curatti Escapes First

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Working With Seth Godin

I was trying to date my trip to Dobbs Ferry for the “work a day with Seth” conference. I had to use my divorce as a marker (lol). It was 2002. Seth used to have “work with Seth” days. I don’t think he does it anymore. There was a $2K “tuition” fee to a charity.