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Scoopit, Google+ and the Conversation Revolution

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Own The Conversation, Own The Traffic

BANG! Something is changing even as I write this. Today lite the M80 hidden in the teacher’s lounge. The “big bomb” is became the first “commons” to use Google Authorship. True to’s “HUB” mission they also made it easy to curate content to brand pages.

Why’s moves are bigger than you think.

For months, as we work on creating CrowdFunde our content marketing meets crowdfunding startup, I’ve wrestled with an intensifying wobble. I’ve been using for years. I love the tool’s ability to be as close to the perfect COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere) tool as we have.

I often push my Scoops across to Scenttrail on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr and my Facebook pages. The net effect of COPE is destruction of an idea. Websites have been wired framed as boxes within categories. COPE + mobile means the “boxes within categories” static website design is all but gone.

When I was a Director of Ecommerce we built a mighty SEO castle. We hoped to bring friends in for a big feast. We could bring up the gate and repeal borders when attacked. Our goal was to attract customers to a location, a stage set really, where we controlled look, feel, design and communication (which was almost always one way us to them not a true conversation where both parties talk and listen).

So control was probably illusion even then, now its absurd. Traffic is going in a million directions simultaneously. Traffic becomes visitors. Visitors become customers, but if we expect the same static process we’re nuts.

Forces blowing apart the web and Internet marketing:

  • Ubiquitous mobile web.
  • COPE Create Once Publish Everywhere.
  • Scaling social nets and strength of “commons”.
  • Changing consumer tastes and demands (to be involved, informed and initiated into the tribe).

Mobile Web

The more mobile the web becomes the less people receive the same communication at the same time. Email open rates are declining even as the size of many email marketers lists grow.

People want to JOIN, but they are harder to reach, include and communicate with. Conversation are replacing lectures.

Consumers are harder to reach because no one uses a single device for a set number of hours to fill a predetermined set of needs. We are connected 24/7/365. We connect to the web via phone, pad, laptop and desktop.

Our mobile creation and consumption habits are creating new ideas and needs such as DropBox, more advanced smartphones and more “appification” of everything. We want our assets available no matter where we are all the time.

We want the easy share, conversational curation and friends filters we depend on daily.

This “easy share, conversational curation and friends filter” is cobbled together with WordPress, Facebok, Twitter, G+, and 10 other tools, nets and apps. We need to be able to speak to anyone about anything (of importance to us) at any time.

The conversation forms the foundational pillars of a new “Conversation Revolution”. Conversations are platform agnostic, happen in real time all over (whether we are listening and curating or not) and act much like weather.

Conversations create “fronts”, fronts that drive waves and ripples through the flexible fabric of the web. The web’s institutional HUBS such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and GPlus knit a fabric other “Mini-Hugs” use to knit their tapestries. Mini-Hubs such as Huffington Post, Mashable and Tech Crunch don’t bring people to a PLACE they create the illusion of ubiquity with COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere).

Mini-hubs use an army of contributors to “surf” the web’s weather and create weather systems too. This flexible, fast fabric is becoming our conversation-as-currency web.

Google+ and & The New Conversation Based Web graphic on Scenttrail Marketing

Why and GooglePlus Are The New “Fishing”’s strengths include:

  • Community of amazing content curators willing to share and teach.
  • Fastest feedback loop in the west (makes for a great content testing area).
  • Spiders the web based on keywords.
  • Pages gain rank and so can help “net” relevant fish (tuna).
  • Ping rate (amount of change to the content) is high so Google’s Quality Deserves Freshness (QDF) requirements are met.
  • Great place to find, follow and curate content from industry gurus.
  • Also great place to find, follow and curate content from fans, brand advocates and fellow curators.’s content marketing advantages help create the “more,faster,better” feedback loops Google requires. You can’t curate content on and not become a better curator. Becoming a better curator means your content creation is better too.

GooglePlus may be the most disruptive suite of tools out there.

This is NOT to say every club in our G+ golfbag is fully tested and all bugs eliminated. If that were the case adoption would be universal. The reason G+ continue to be a tremendous advantage for the few is there is enough of a learning curve many see G+ as more pain than benefit.

With’s move to make it easy to curate content into G+ brand pages AND the revolutionary idea of sharing the commons back with its creators by using Google author tagging the + GPlus combination creates one powerful possibility after another.

As the image at the top of this page illustrates, our futures are tied to conversations. Conversations are more fast paced, variable and swift to be capture by our old nets. Our new nets, and + GPlus should make some amazing netting, must be flexible, light and able to react in an instant to anything relevant (to our brands) happening anywhere.

We don’t have the tools yet. One reason I stopped being the Marketing Director for Atlantic BT was this time NOW felt like so full of opportunity it was foolish to NOT leave and start something new. CrowdFunde, selected to be part of Triangle Startup Factory’s spring class, is dedicated to the idea the future will be about conversations and our tools and marketing will need to be fast, flexible and furious enough to catch any school of tuna flying by :).M


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