Quirky Email Marketing Makeover on ScentTrail Marketing

Quirky Email Marketing Makeover: Good To Great

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Received a good email from Quirky.com and wanted to share 5 tips to move your email marketing from good to great:

  • Always Include A web address at the top.
  • Include social shares at the top or some other prominent location.
  • Cut messages by half twice.
  • Include ONE Call-To-Action.
  • Include unsubscribe link with words such as “easy” and “secure”.

Here is Quirky email BEFORE makeover:
Quirky Before Email Makeover on ScentTrail Marketing

Here is Quirky email AFTER Makeover:
Quirky Email After Makeover on ScentTrail Marketing

Quirky’s original email had some great things going on, but great things cluster together nullify each other. Better to focus on a single relevant theme – our cold weather. As a marketer I see the temptation to follow COLD with WARM and want to tell everyone reading this post to reject selling more than ONE thing in an email since that is hard enough. I left the 3 supporting products below the Quirky hero, but could make an argument for cleaning them out too.

Email is a great social share generation tool, BUT only if you ask for the share. Ways of “asking for the share” include social icons large and in charge or simply sating “Please share on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest”. Never forget to put the “can’t see, click here” URL at the top of your emails. ISPs will crush your images, and most social marketers look for that link to share. If you don’t include an URL you’ve reduced social shares by half.

Quick Email Marketing Tip
Save your email marketing in a folder on your server that search engine spiders aren’t allowed into. Use your Robots.txt file to disallow search spider visits to your email marketing and you will save duplicate content pain.

Quirky’s original email makes a common “new to ecommerce email marketing” mistake. Quirky thinks everyone is hanging on their cool products. Best to remember people have live and your email is a flea on their life’s rump (lol). Quirky riffing on the cold is a great, relevant email, but to follow with beach stuff is nothing but confusing.

I don’t like reinforcing negatives either. Quirky.com’s headline is “Polar Vortex Got You Down?” They got my attention with “Polar Vortex but then risked losing it with the negative emotional sentiment. Better to capture and then hold attention with positive action oriented headlines such as:

Polar Vortex Can be FUN or Surf Our Polar Vortex With Quirky Winter Gear

Of those two I like the second better. Use of “our” makes it feel like we are all in this together. Weather is one of the few things left where we all do experience the same thing at the same time. Bit.ly, in a fascinating study, showed that something like 6% of communication across their network is consistently about the weather. Great idea to riff on the weather, but I prefer POSITIVE emotional states to NEGATIVE ones when selling online. Polar Vortex is cool though (lol).

Never send an email without clear unsubscribe because it is against the law and breeds worry and concern. Always include an underlined link at the bottom. Surround the link with words like “easy” and “secure” so those who want to unsubscribe know it isn’t a trap. Irony is a bear. Including a clear “unsubscribe” will help reduce unsubscribes, increase trust and reassure your subscribers they can always opt out if needed.

I love Quirky’s unique categories, but wouldn’t include them in an email UNLESS the email was about those unique categories and asking subscribers to segment into one or two of them.

Quirky Unique Categories

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