New Experian Ecommerce Study: Stop Never Ending Sale Madness

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Thank You Experian! Experian’s new Deal Seekers Report says what every Internet marketer sensed – refusing to segment customers online is goofystupid. Why would any online retailer treat all customers the same? Experian’s report shows 40% of consumers are indifferent to deals. Shouting SALE, SALE, SALE to these hard to reach customers and they are sure to go somewhere else.

The Deal Seekers Report intelligently segmented “deal seekers” too. Instead of saying all “deal hungry” customers are the same the report created categories of “deal seekers”:

Experian Deal Seeker Chart

Turns out online retailers are playing for Deal-Seeker Influentials (18%). This is the “magic 18%” because they will advocate and create social shares and legitimacy for their favorite brands and retailers. Ecommerce merchants should hold “Deal-Seeking Influentials” as close as family, develop programs to reward and arm the “influentials” and listen carefully when they share, comment or email.

2014 will be the year personas and segments finally RULE. Who can afford to consistently send spam? Answer: No one. Read the Experian deal report and create strategies to speak intelligently to each of your segments whether they seek or reject deals. It’s time to stop the “door buster”, 50% off of 50% off madness. Thinking like Internet marketers instead of screaming hucksters will be an important trend in 2014 as Experian’s new report illustrates.

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