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Curagami’s Waitlist

When I left the Marketing Director role at Atlantic BT I was struck with how IMPOSSIBLE it is to price web development services. Someone always loses. Over estimate and you may lose the project. Under estimate and you may lose your shirt.

Customers don’t fair much better. We had a customer’s lead position in their business vertical all but destroyed by a vendor who didn’t abide by the, “Do No Harm” rule of Internet marketing we subscribe too. The vendor took a wrecking ball to weak walls and now the site sits in rubble.

When I created Curagami the LAST thing I wanted to do was become another web development / SEO / content and social marketing agency. World is REPLETE with those (God knows). But we needed real-world sites to test and incubate our ideas. So we hit upon a winning formula – we invest as much or more as our clients pay us, we make them LOTS of money (usually hundreds of thousands or millions to every $10K we are paid) and everyone wins.

But there’s a problem.

With our current staff and partnership levels we can work with and invest in 4 customers. To take on MORE than 4 is to risk our development work and become “just another agency” and life is too short for such a journey. Today we created a Waitlist as a way around our current “full house” dilemma. The Curagami Waitlist will be similarly short – only 4 customers at a time.

And we guarantee no one will wait on the list more than six months even if that means we end up hiring our friends to staff up in order to keep that commitment. As we noted on the How To Price a Revolution page on Curagami, be VERY CAREFUL how you evaluate and form collaborations to help your online store.

We decided to offer our “Vetting Services free as a way for Small to Medium Sized Businesses to feel good about something they know not – who is a solid and trustworthy web developer and who isn’t. After 15 years and more than $30M bucks we KNOW will be glad to help you be able to sleep at night too.

Read more about pricing a revolution on Curagami.

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