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Epic? We Want You: Scenttrail Goes Multi-Author

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Are You Epic? We Want You Apply Today

EPIC? We Want You

Imagine if you were one of the first contributors to Mashable, TechCrunch or the Huffington Post. Life for those first contributors is good now. Life for those trying to elbow their way in is not nearly as good. Stop elbowing because we have a cool idea.

APPLY to be one of the first 5 Scenttrail Authors / Curators and Contributors and become an owner of the next big blog.

That’s right we are changing Scenttrail Marketing. And there is one BIG difference between and Mashable, TechCrunch and Huffington Post. Scenttrail will be OWNED by it’s epic contributors.

How It Works

Complete the application form at the bottom of this page before July 4th. We will acknowledge receipt of your application. On July 5th I will select the first 5 contributors to based on CRITERIA outlined below.

Each selected Scenttrail contributor OWNS 10% of with no liabilities (I’m purchasing insurance to protect “owners”). And that is the last decision I will make by myself. At first, I will retain 50% of Scenttrail Marketing, but only so we have ownership we can easily give to others as the “managing group” extends invitations to others to join, contribute and own the means of production.

To achieve the kind of SEO displacement that even approximates Mashable or Tech Crunch will need 50 or more consistent core owner contributors creating a platform able to recruit 1,000 or more contributors (see table below).

Eventually Scenttrail will outgrow me and I will give away 100% to the epic bloggers, artists, photographers and content curators who join, contribute and create the next epic blog.

To reach the critical mass Mashable and others have Scenttrail will need 1,000+ consistent contributors:

Scenttrail Contributors Analysis May seem like a lot of contributors and posts. With a combination of ownership, auditions and creative gamification reaching critical mass (1,000+ consistent and great contributors) shouldn’t be as hard as it sounds (think of how many people create blogs, share content on social media and contribute to social nets now). The key is making contribution fun and rewarding.

“Fun and rewarding” is covered for the first 5 owner / contributors. After that the team will create ideas, promotions and campaigns to increase awareness of the Scenttrail epic content movement. The 80:20 Rule applies. 20% of contributors will do 80% of the work. Making sure those hard working contributors are rewarded will be a CSF (Critical Success Factor).

** Note I lowered initial ownership stakes to have more equity to share with 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Scenttrail contributor / owners.

You may ask, “What do we own?” Good question, a blog with 100,000+ posts generates likes, links, shares and members. Each of the items in that list are a form of currency easily traded for MONEY. Blogs like Mashable understand the need for QDF (Quality Deserves Freshness) across many categories. They use algorithms to double down on winners (display them more) and place laggards out into the long tail (in case they pop for some unknown reason).

I will pay’s costs until it has revenue. Revenue can come from:

  • Ads and sponsorships (once membership is 100,000+ and daily engagement is high).
  • Branded products (easy to create with proxy stores such as Cafe Press or Zazzle.
  • Freemium model (i.e. levels of subscription with more benefits to paid than free).
  • Training and education courses, seminars and content.
  • Events and meetings.

The CATCH-22 of the web is you can’t make money until you’ve made money. I can afford to invest giving the engineering and design it needs until it can pay for itself. Once it can pay for itself profits will be divided among the contributor / owners. I will NEVER take a dime from whatever Scenttrail becomes (my needs are already more than met) and I’ve gotten Scenttrial as far as I can (on my own).

Why Are You Doing This

I have leukemia, so my reach exceeds my grasp. There is too much on my plate. It is time to divest important things I can’t make as great as they could become with the right people. I know an ARMY of GREAT artists, designers, curators, writers, creators and contributors who work HARD to help others.

Together we are stronger than we are apart.

We can write the future of web marketing and online content by risking, rewarding and helping one another. My hope is Scenttrail Marketing creates greatness. Greatness makes money online. Greatness creates a tribe of followers. Greatness makes people rich.

Scenttrail can be great. You can be great. We can be great.

It may seem strange to say I care more, at this stage, about YOUR actualization than mine. Once the first 5 Scenttrail contributors / owners are selected whatever happens next is up to US / them.

Scenttrail A Powerful Idea

Why can Scenttrail become a Mashable? Because the overlooked issue in our mobile / social times is connection. Connection is the numerator. The denominator is all of the STUFF that pulls us hither and yon. Scenttrail is about creating context, sharing and deepening meaning and being on this very unique journey together.

Scenttrail creates connection over TIME. When you arrive at a page and find what you expect scenttrail is the experience you are having.

Who Should Apply

The most important criteria is EPICNESS. If you knit and do so in an EPIC way you should apply. The “usual suspects” are writing, blogging, content curation and web design. But it will be important for the first five contributors to come from a wide range of passions, disciplines and ideas. My friend Ana Cristina Pratas is an EPIC educator.

My friend Edmund Besch is an epic painter. My friend Janet Kennedy is an epic entrepreneur. My friend Mary Kay O’Connor was an Epic boss. I hope every one who fits into or around any of those categories APPLIES.


The criteria for the first five contributors / owners includes:

  • Broad experiences, skills and motivations from art to business and back.
  • Hard working due to passion for the work.
  • Should be much more well-known than they are.
  • Want to be part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Want to be challenged.
  • Want to find greatness within themselves, as part of a team and in the world.
  • Feel compelled to serve others as a way to serve and grow.
  • Interested in having fun, but understand fun makes a better means than end.
  • Willing to sacrifice for the greater good, for something bigger than self.

The last bullet speaks to me. I know Scenttrail can become great, but I can’t get it there alone. I can’t get Scenttrail Marketing anywhere near greatness alone (such a hard thing to admit :). The site had a PR6 and then I moved from blogger to WordPress Google changed the world and the rank slipped to 3. The site does have a handful of top listings. It was great once.

It can be great again…you in? Apply below.

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