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How Dr. Dre Newsjacked Super Bowl XLVIII

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How Dr. Dre NewsJacked The World

After the NFC Championship game Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was loud and proud. Sherman made exited statements creating controversy during the normally slow news week before Super Bowl hype starts in earnest.

My brand marketing friend Frank Pollack pointed out how Dr. Dre Newsjacked the Superbowl during our Free Web Marketing Saturday session today. I wondered about the colorful headphones every athlete was wearing. Those headphones are high end “Beats by Dre” “noise isolation” headphones costing hundreds of dollars.

Beats by Dre are ubiquitous with highly influential sports stars:

Beats’ growth has fueled the overall headphone market in the US, which rose from $1.8bn in 2011 to $2.4bn in 2012, according to NPD, the market research firm. Despite the increasing competition, Beats remains the market leader: it had 40 per cent of all US headphone sales and close to 70 per cent of premium priced headphone sales over the Christmas period. Its 2012 revenues rose from $298m to $519m. Unlisted Beats does not disclose whether or not it makes a profit.

Trust me Beats makes a profit.

The company was valued at more than $1B (US) a year ago when equity firm Carlyle added $500M (US) to the company’s bank account. As impressive as the level of paid and unpaid celebrity endorsements, the product’s innovative look and feel, the MONSTER distribution and direct sale via their website is those accomplishments pale in comparison to how fast Beats By Dre capitalized on Richard Sherman’s nuclear and highly profitable controversy.

No sooner did Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback feature a post by Sherman and the Twittershpere and every news media explode Sherman’s “controversy” than Beats By Dre had a well coordinated NEWSJACK including:

  • Homepage hero featuring Sherman, the braying news media and Beats by Dre headphones.
  • GPlus hero featuring Sherman, the braying news media and Beats by Dre headphones..
  • Thoughtful video / TV commercial featuring Sherman, the braying news media and Beats by Dre headphones..
  • A Richard Sherman page on the Beats that magically aligns Sherman with every Beats model (cool programming).

All Internet marketers could learn from Dr. Dre.

Beatsbydre.com has a PageRank 6, 3,402 inbound links, 474,000 Twitter followers, 6.4M Facebook likes, Sherman commercial is closing in on 2M views on YouTube and an Alexa traffic rank below 10,000 (lower is better in traffic rank). Not bad for a headphone company.

The real lesson to be learned from Dr. Dre’s impressive ATTACK of the web is Beats By Dre is a MEDIA company that happens to sell headphones not the other way around. Important lesson for us all thanks to Frank Pollack and the amazing marketing team at Beats by Dre.


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How Dr. Dre NewsJacked Super Bowl XLVIII

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and those three posts produced Blowing Up beatsbydre.com With Crowdfunding

Beats By Dre homepage with Richard Sherman


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