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Content Marketing Out Beyond The Breakers: 5 Tips

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Mr. Phelps Content Marketing Mission Impossible on Scenttrail marketingRemember mission impossible briefs? Mr. Phelps would receive the coolest, tiniest (for the time) tape. A bland never emotional voice would read Mr. Phelps his MISSION IMPOSSIBLE task. The tape would conclude and destroy itself with smoke and a “I’m destroying myself” hissing sound. After a HOOK like that how could we click away? Heck there were only 3 other stations then anyway, so low bar for Mr. Phelps.

Many marketers know how Mr. Phelps felt. Our marketing has to build community, save the world and keep our jobs. This post shares 5 Tips to get your web marketing out beyond the breakers.

Your Content Marketing’s Breakers
You probably have a small tribe that loves you no matter how goofy your content is on a particular day. Your “Friends” read and share your stuff regularly. Your friends grant more freedom than their friends will. Imagine the line between your friends and your “friends of friends” as “The Breakers.

Mr. Phelps, your mission, if you accept it, is to consistently break your content out “beyond the breakers”.

Beyond The Breakers Tip #1:
Expand Your Networks

If I’d gotten cancer in my twenties or knew how important being LOVED by an ever-expanding army I would have been less of a jerk when I was young (lol). Nothing like hearing “cancer” and your name in the same sentence to introduce life to what is really important.  Hope you don’t need nearly as large of a shock to GET IT.

Be Nice Helps Content Marketing imageBE NICE!

Strangely that is the easiest and most effective advice for expanding your social networks. Writing a book doesn’t hurt, but chances of your being the next Seth Godin are small. Even Seth used to answer his own email and was nice-ish (not so much lately but he is da bomb now so price of fame I guess).


The other side of the BE NICE coin is to BE PRESENT especially on social media. Spend some time on social media daily, say thanks, and help if someone needs it. You will find the combination of TIME, ENERGY and SERVICE will grow your network.

Beyond The Breakers Tip #2:
Write Cooler Stuff

Cool is a tough adjective since it means different things to different people. Your first job is to learn where these content boundaries are in your business:

  • What is ANTE content, or content you MUST KNOW in order to play?
  • What content is controversial (avoid like the plague at first)?
  • What content gets shared the most?
  • Identify 5 to 10 influencers in your business segment, profile them, follow them.
  • What content will your group of industry gurus hop on like firemen to a fire?
  • Define 3 to 5 characteristics of content that blows up in your space.
  • Study the VISUAL presentation of content that goes “mega-viral”.

Imagine a matrix with ANTE, CONTROVERSY, GURU, BREAKING NEWS and other “viral content” definitions at the top of each column. When something breaks add it to your spreadsheet and check as many boxes as needed. If content breaks and you don’t have WHY covered add a new “Viral Characteristic”.

Hard to see patterns if you don’t do some ditch digging. Since your business is different from mine I can’t roll out a MASTER BLASTER example and make it easy to fill in the blanks. Watch, Listen, Follow and LEARN. Now that you are tracking what is working in your business you are armed and ready to write cooler content.

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Beyond The Breakers Tip #3:
Curate More Content

How did I learn about content marketing? I’ve been curating content daily on for several years. I learned an interesting lesson riding a bicycle across America in the summer of 2010 – anything you do daily you get better at (lol). Another lesson is even things you think you KNOW you really DON’T. Riding a bicycle every day taught me how much more there was to learn about riding bicycles.

Curating content isn’t simply sharing links just as riding a bicycle isn’t simply riding a bicycle. Curating content daily teaches how to shape, understand, listen to and create content. I’m famous for saying the right ratio of content curation to creation is now 90% curation to 10% curation.

Why so much curation? Curation, in this context, is an intelligent sharing of content with “rich snippets” of between 100 and 500 words to place shares in context. When you “curate” content INTO something you learn more than if you are just sending the latest funny cat video to your friends. This is why I curate 13 “Revolutions” on

If you want to understand content marketing better and want your content to get “out beyond the breakers” consistently then CURATE more content and do so DAILY.

Beyond The Breakers Tip #4:

I wrote an interesting Scoop about Beyonce’s SURPRISE album the other day. Beyonce took 18 months to create SURPRISE. She wanted her new album to be VISUAL. She SEES MUSIC and wanted to support her latest album with stunning visuals. Mission accomplished and mission easier if you are Byonce (lol). Beyonce’s album set sales records and may mark the last vestige of social media naysayers.

Beyonce Challenges The World to VISUALIZE Image on Scenttrail marketing

Beyonce’s decision to launch her album with a single Instagram picture marks the tipping point of not one but two revolutions. Social media naysayers need to sit down and be quiet now (please), and visual marketing is HERE. If your marketing isn’t up to Beyonce’s amazing, intimate and beautiful standards then you have some work to do to get your content out beyond the breakers.

Beyond The Breakers Tip #5:
Make It EASY To Share

Internet marketers in a connected, mobile and social time must RETHINK the social share widget. Isn’t there more we can do? What about empowering a “Sherpa Buzz Army”? What about curating great shares back into our content to make it PING anew (remember Google’s QDF content doctrine or Quality Deserves Freshness)?

Let the SHOUT go OUT to startup entrepreneurs – our sharing tools are inadequate to the task at hand by half. Invent some better way to make sharing your content EASIER and more robust and you will win the hearts and minds of very reader and the respect and gratitude of your fellow IMers.

Never think what you are doing now in terms of SHARING is enough. It isn’t by half. SHARE MORE and make the process of sharing move valuable for YOU and for those who like to share. I received a great World Cancer Day email yesterday from UNC Lineberger with no “can’t see this email, go HERE” link so there was no way for me to EASILY share the content.

Sure there were small social share widgets AT THE BOTTOM of the Cancer Day email, but who gets there (lol)? A: No one. Tell your designers you MUST have social share buttons on TOP of everything. Find new ways to making sharing your content easier and I promise to put pressure on startup friends to help too.


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