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Why We Are All Content Curators Now

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Story of Startup Trends 2014 On Curatti

We know after Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm changes the most valuable content is content that gets shared. Likes are great but pale in algorithm value to links and shares. Your content needs to generate Tweets and ReTweets, G+ shares, Facebook likes and other writers and experts building on your content with attribution.

Content marketing is about mobs and brands now.

Your brand, and everyone has a “brand” whether they fully know or recognize what their brand is or not, helps create a following tribe. Your following tribe shares your content to their following tribe and that is how your content’s “reach exceeds its grasp” because your followers help tap “friends of friends” or people they know but you don’t.

Writing for The Mob: News & Calendar “Jacking”

The mob is fickle and suffers from severe Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). While we wouldn’t suggest sitting down and trying to write “viral content” since to do so discounts the serendipity required, we do try to “newsjack” or “calendarjack” as much as possible.

David Meerman Scott is the wizard behind “NewsJacking” or finding ways to have branded content be part of a major news event. When Lindsay Lohan acts out and a casino bans her the casino receives millions of dollars in free PR for being creative enough to surf a major story (and one with a recurring theme lol).

“CalendarJacking” is surfing waves created by tradition and is my riff on Davi’s Newsjacking term.

Every December 25th is Christmas and every October 31st is Halloween. When your content incorporates existing waves created by tradition and content that’s on everyone’s calendar then your content surfs a bigger wave. Trying to create waves is HARD work, so surfing ones that come along FREE helps any content curator or creator.

Creating “cold” can be hit and miss. Your content might go viral, pick up shares and exceed your website’s content creation means or it may not. Writing Startup Trends for Curati.com was “calendarjacking” because the post was written at the end of the year when trend prediction and summaries are strong.

ScentTrail Marketing Content Needs Support graphic

Content Needs Ongoing Support

The first Startup Trends 2014 post generated strong social support creating 141 “Flares” (flares = social shares):

  • 61 Tweets.
  • 35 Facebook.
  • 14 GPlus.
  • 4 Buffer.
  • 16 Pinterest.
  • 11 LinkedIn

Startup Trends 2014 II was lagging behind the first installment with less than 100 Flares until I wrote a new post on GPlus: 4AM Waking Dream About Startups, Content Curation & Why You Should Find A “Job”.

Since the Cruatti post was relevant to my GPlus post I linked it in. This mention almost DOUBLED Startup Trends 2014 II’s social shares moving them from 94 to 184, a 195% increase!

  • 54 Twitter.
  • 17 Facebook.
  • 92 Gplus.
  • 2 Buffer.
  • 12 Pinterest.
  • 7 LinkedIn

Next time someone tells you GPlus doesn’t matter or isn’t important share those numbers and ask if it is important to double their content’s shares with a single post.

SEO Rabbit Hole On Scenttrail Marketing

The Content Gambit – Down The Rabbit Hole

To xplain the value of “calendarjacking” and creating content that gets shared we have to move down the SEO rabbit hole a little. I will try to slow what friends of mine like Phil Buckley and other New Media Leaders do for a living down enough so we can SEE gears moving.

Type “Startup Trends 2014” into Google. Chances are, if you aren’t logged in and don’t follow me, you will not see either Curatti.com startup piece. Now type “Startup Trends 2014 Curatti” and chances are you will see both posts. Note the post listed first:

Startup Trends Google Example on ScentTrail Marketing

The second post wins top listing though Mikes Keyword tool, the free tool I use to look inside Google’s float, says they are both #1 on that search. The second post wins top listings because it is more current (came after the first one) AND has more social shares (184 vs. 141).

Many would argue such a “long tail” listing has no value. No one will search “startup trends 2014 curatti” they might say. I disagree. By creating a top listing Curatti.com can use Google as its search engine. Curatti.com can TEACH its visitors to add “curatti” when they search for posts when they can’t remember the exact name IF their website is capable of generating top listings (it is as we just demonstrated).

Once a website has top listings the team managing it can find ways to build value in.

If your website is incapable of generating top listings no matter how long the tail that is a problem that needs an immediate fix. All things being equal I want content to engage by “calendarjacking” and generate top listings out there somewhere in the tail. Surfing even a tiny piece of a huge content wave such as “startup trends 2014” with its 43M documents is better than not!

All things being equal I want to generate top listings even if, for now, those top listings are so far out in the “long tail of search” we are the only ones that know they are there. I promise to write another post about “ante” content vs. “blue ocean content” or content such as “Startup Trends” that you should play on so other know you are in the game and “blue ocean” content you can own and add value into.

For today I think this is as far as we should go down Alice’s SEO & content marketing rabbit hole.


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