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Building A Container Home Help?

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Building A Container Home & Need Help

Thinking about building a container home on my brother’s property in Elfland, NC. As you can see from the gallery we like modern design.

Philip Johnson’s glass house, the first image in the gallery above, is a favorite if impossible design. Impossible since my brother has neighbors (lol). Question is how can we use Johnson’s design to inspire a contemporary design.

How can we use the industrial aspects of containers in cool ways? When our startup was running (now closed sadly) we received containers from China all the time. We had to clean them before return pickup.

The toxic sludge in these containers including dead rats, chicken bones and GROSS STUFF isn’t something I want to live in. The answer seems to be purchasing “one use” containers (based on my reading). But there’s a problem.

I’m great with web marketing, developing websites and content marketing. I have ZERO desire to be a DIY contractor. Looking for a one-stop-shop approach. Fear getting TAKEN. Want to do something cool enough there should be portfolio material for whomever builds it

AND I will be sharing the journey with my social following, blogging and talking about those who help. That and $4 may bet you Starbucks, but I haven’t been overwhelmed by content marketing & SEO expertise of container home builders so far (so we can trade one expertise for another).

Building A Container Home Questions

Here is a list of my current questions. Please feel freed to ADD questions I should be asking (will put a form at the bottom, send comments, ideas, suggestions there and will curate into the post):

  • What is best way to buy a toxic free container?
  • Who is GREAT at building container homes?
  • When creating small spaces how do you STORE stuff?
  • What is best way to insulate (NC is HOT in summer and cold in winter)?
  • What materials GO WITH a container home (bathroom, kitchen)?
  • What building a container home questions should I be asking that I’m not aware of (the unknown, unknowns)?

Why I Want A Container Home

I’m OLD (lol) and have been battling cancer (leukemia) for ten years. When I look back on places I loved living in the most two homes come to mind:

  • 2,000 Square foot open loft in Chicago’s River West
  • Craftsman Style home in Carrboro, NC (pic below).

Here is the craftsman style home I loved (divorce meant had to sell it):

Craftsman Bungalow Carrboro NC image
There are the two sides of my design thinking – Bauhaus industrial and craftsman bungalow. Somewhere between those two opposing ideas is the container home I want to build.

Please share any thoughts, ideas, suggestions and resources.

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