Life is a long strange trip. Blink and thirty years flies by. I spent those very fast years selling bar soap for P&G, candy for M&M/Mars, starting four companies and getting the Big C.

I’m doing great and some of credit goes to having cancer. Cancer made me a better person and a smarter marketer. We are about to launch some HUGE new ideas including:

CureCancerStarter – crowdfunding cancer research

CureCancerStore – shop to cure cancer

We will be launching both of these websites the first week of October (assuming the effort doesn’t kill me and to that I say TAKE A NUMBER). 100% of donations on Cure Cancer Starter go to cancer research. The website is being developed with my Atlantic BT salary and with a generous matching donation from Raleigh best web designers.

100% of profits from Cure Cancer Store will go to cancer research too, BUT if you are going to make a single donation to help cancer this year please find research on Cure Cancer Starter to support. Story of Cancer purchases are fun, tax deductible and meant to supplement not replace research donations.

I want to cure because I have the darn thing AND because cancer has punked us bad for thirty years. We MUST cure cancer because to not do so means our aspirations, dreams and desires are less than they could become. We need to cure cancer because it shows we CAN. Enough with the TALK already (lol), we need ACTION.

I’ve sold my house, created a nonprofit foundation and am all in to cure cancer. What about you? You in?



Martin Smith
Founder Story of Cancer Foundation